Posted by: Bin VFA | July 20, 2012

‘Family’ values…..

Why is it pretty exclusively that when the above term is used that it is really about being judgmental and discriminatory rather than having anything to do with what is actually best for families or children?

From Bob Katter (an Australian politician) and his hateful ad that supposedly purported to be about just these kinds of values, even though it meant hurting his own half brother in the process.

To the current (constant) controversy over Chick-Fil-A restaurants in the USA and their justification for donating obscene amounts of money to anti-gay groups under the guise of ‘family values’.

And here we have Gloria Jeans who, while the numbers cannot compete with Chick-Fil-A, have done exactly the same thing with donations to the Australian Christian Lobby (who, despite the name *and* their wide acceptance by mainstream media, do not represent the majority view of Christians in this country), Family First (there goes that word again, such a misnomer), Hillsong Church and Mercy Ministries, etc to exactly the same purpose.

I have yet to come across a single ‘value’ of any of these people that I would want to see in my family.  A religious friend of mine has said to me that if gay marriage is legalised, she is not sure how to teach her children right from wrong.  I don’t understand this at all.  The ‘values’ I want my child to have are those of empathy, compassion and equality, and of realising that all people, no matter what their sex, gender, race, sexuality, etc.

And on another mostly related note, the thought that enough people are interested in what Bob Katter has to say that he has written a book that has been published and is widely available in stores, is truly beyond my comprehension.  

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