Posted by: Bin VFA | August 19, 2012

Podcasts – Team Earthling

I like podcasts.  I listen to them when I run and otherwise work out (except for swimming!)  I listen in the car.  I listen while I do housework.  So I thought I would do a series of blog posts about the podcasts that I listen to.

I will start with Team Earthling, an Australian vegan podcast by a couple of vegans who used to be in Melbourne but have recently moved to Magnetic Island just off the coast of Townsville in North Queensland.  Stevie and Luc are abolitionist vegans, which means there is no hypocrisy in their stance on the issues. The rapport between the two is good and leads to an entertaining podcast about what can sometimes be a quite depressing and frustrating topic.

As well as being fun, Stevie and Luc are also articulate and research well so you can rely on them to know what they are talking about.  As an Aussie vegan, it’s also pretty cool when they review Australian products.  They often interview the business owners themselves which is always interesting to find out exactly how and why they got started.  The Australian vegan market is growing quickly it seems and there are a lot of great businesses worth supporting and Team Earthling is a good vehicle to get them out there.

The first podcast I ever really listened to was Vegan Freak Radio and I must say that living in outback Australia at the time, that podcast got me through and kept me true to my ethics and helped me to realise that I wasn’t alone as much as it often felt like it.  I don’t have that desperate need to seek out other vegans any more in the same way that I did back then.  I live in Melbourne which is considered the vegan capital of Australia and I also have a vegan partner but I still miss Vegan Freak Radio.   There are a few vegan podcasts on my playlist these days still, and I like them all but Team Earthling is definitely my favourite and it’s the first one that is able to fill a hole that was left some time ago when Bob and Jenna stopped recording Vegan Freak Radio.

So if you’re vegan or even remotely contemplating it or curious to know more about veganism, check out Team Earthling’s web site.  As well as the podcast they have a blog and other useful links and information.

~ B

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