Posted by: Bin VFA | September 7, 2012

Speaking out

So, this will probably be short as I’m at the airport waiting for a delayed flight and typing on my phone. For this reason there also won’t be links as I am really just figuring out this app.

Mainly though this post is a commitment to speak out more and write more. I have things to say and often don’t say them because I don’t think anyone will read them but you know what? If I don’t write them I can be guaranteed nobody will read them and that’s just silly.

I was saddened this week to read that Jen McCreight of blag hag is taking a break because of the endless abuse she has received for simply speaking out about feminism and social justice. I sure don’t blame Jen for making the choice to look after herself but I am angry that nasty people seem to think that sending nasty messages to her is a productive use of their time.

From what I’ve read so far of atheism plus I like the concept and would like to see it thrive. But regardless of whether you like it or not, there is just no possible sensible reason for the nastiness. Rebecca Watson has vowed to be twice as mouthy to compensate. I love this idea and it has been taken up by Ophelia Benson and others (I know, I know, really need links here!)

Then as I’ve been pacing up and down the airport I’ve been listening to Citizen Radio and the topic has come up there too. Jamie and Allison talked about the importance of more of the positive voices to drown out the hate. For every person that needs to step down or take a break, Allison says we need 100 voices to replace them.

So I plan to make a concerted effort that all the inspiration I have felt from reading Jen, Rebecca, Ophelia and others, will not be for nothing and that I will speak out more often and whenever it feels like I should.

~ B


  1. Hear, hear!
    I think there are a lot of us who have been inspired to speak out by the example set by Jen, Rebecca, Greta, and Ophelia, (and others). So I also think that I owe it to Jen to be noisier and more outspoken than before. I am hoping that that’s the general reaction from everybody who thinks “women should be treated like human beings” ought to be a basic value in our community.

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